Joel Klein Arts Consulting


Fund Development

More than just grant writing, we work with you long- term to develop a strategic analysis of your current strengths, your needs, the opportunities that may exist to expand your resource base, and the tools, processes and support you will need to sustain long-term growth.

Strategic Development

With an emphasis on who you are and the change you want to see in the world, we will work with you to develop a strategic and working plan that takes you where you really want to go, grounded in personal and organizational health.

Frequent Partner : Kristina Lemieux

Market, Network, and Partner Development

We help you build an understanding of your marketplace and your potential partners, and help you build strong relationships based on mutual interest and trust.

Frequent Partner : Fascinator Management


“Joel’s expertise with Canada Council granting streams has helped me secure my first CC grant in an over 20 year career in music in Canada. It was just a matter of using the right language. Joel is good at that.”

— Tarun Nayar, Musician

“Joel is not only a dynamite grant writer, I’ve also come to rely on him as my sounding board for strategic decisions. He’s uber smart, super creative in his solutions, asks great questions and he’s also a total blast to work with!”

— Sunny Drake, Theatre Artist

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